A little about me
My name is Rasmus Seerup and I am a blender enthusiast.  It was the 3D movies that got me interested in playing with 3D modelling. I had made some models in blender and would  like to put a little color on it. Although there were pages with textures that could be used there were often problems with getting the edges to fit together. Instead of textures I would like to use materials, but it was not easy to find some good realistic materials. That’s why I started this page to focus on materials for blender.

The vision
It is this blog’s primary purpose to promote understanding of how to create good and realistic materials for blender. The page is not aimed at beginners but for those who want a more systematic approach to making materials. Thus the page uses tutorials that focus not only on individual materials but also at the work of analysis and understanding of the use of nodes to create the materials.

You can write to me at materialwblender@gmail.com if you have suggestions for materials or something else that might be relevant to this page.


2 Responses to About

  1. Thomas Huxley says:

    Did you stop with this site? I hope not, you’re amazing man 😦

    • Rasmus says:

      After I got a job, it has been put a bit on hold. But I do have planned a texture I want to do, but I do not expect that it will be released until around summer.

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