Bowling pin material

Here is a small and easy bowling pin material for blender.


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Time to blend some apples

A short tutorial of how to create a apple material.


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Reverse engineering a wood material

Here is the tutorial that shows how the wood material work on a node level. There is a lot of math involved but I hope you will be able to use it to get some insperation for your own material.

wood render close up

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Woodwork with blender

So I found a good procedural wood material by Wessel van der Es on the blender artists forum and would like to share this with you.

wood render close up

Right now I am working on reverse engineering it to show how it works and have been constructed. So come back later to better understand this material.

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Rock ‘n’ blender

The first tutorial on material is ready. It can be found under the menu rock material. The name says it all, so hope you can use it. The final result can be seen here.

close up rock

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